Late Friday, users ran into issues with their THETA wallet balance. However, there was no problem with the network and the UI malfunction was resolved. After a hack scare, the price has risen about 4% and the trading volume has dropped 21% in the past 24 hours. Declining trading volume may signal the beginning of a correction. Analysts predict that if the price drop occurs, it will drop below the $ 10 level.



According to the price charts and trends of THETA, there may be a decrease in the price depending on the price trends historically. Looking at the benefits of THETA in the past, if the rally starts at the current level, it could lead to a double digit rally.

Based on the ROI in 2020 and 2019, the return this year is 515%. There is room for vertical growth in the altcoin price, and depending on the price trend, such a price move last occurred in December 2020, and the price rose 172% from $ 0.65 to $ 1.77. Based on this type of past growth, it is unlikely that the current price action will declare this as the phase of consolidation.

Although there is a rise, it may be limited. If a correction occurs in the price and drops below the $ 10 level, there may be a gradual sale below $ 7. Currently, the weekly return is about 5% and the recent integration with Cinedigm may have achieved the necessary increase as Cinedigm now integrates native TFUEL micropayments. This increase may have led to a rebound in the falling price as a result of the 3.0 launch delay. However, according to the price chart, the recovery may not be complete until the price exceeds the $ 13 level.

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According to Coinlib’s price chart above, Theta’s price is currently over 20% higher than ATH. THETA’s price rally is not yet over. Despite a slowdown in the post-launch price action, there is an expectation that the rise will be prolonged due to the increased market cap and trade volume at Binance and Huobi. The THETA price is rising towards the next ATH according to the criteria above, and this could be an ideal time for retail investors to buy on the spot exchanges.


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