The Central Bank of China has a new plan for the 2022 Winter Olympics. If this plan is implemented, we can see that the digital yuan is used in the Olympics.

Work in Progress
China Central Television (CCTV) shared new information about China’s digital money project the other day. Citing an official from the Digital Money Research Institute, CCTV announced that the digital yuan can be used in the Winter Olympics.

The Central Bank of China recently started testing this digital money project in cities such as Shenzhen, Suzhou, Xiong’an and Chengdu. Among the tests organized by China, there are studies such as paying the road money of some municipal employees with digital yuan.

According to the information provided by CCTV, it is possible to use this digital money in the Olympic games to be held in Beijing in 2022. It is not yet known exactly how the digital yuan will be used in the Olympic games. However, perhaps some souvenirs or some tickets can be sold with digital yuan.


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