A new one has been added to the claims that Samsung will end the Galaxy Note series. This issue, which has not been on the agenda for a moment since last year, has now begun to come to light. Because Ice Universe, one of the reliable sources known for its leaks, once again confirmed that the Note series will not continue, with a post on its official Twitter account.



Galaxy Note series is ending

Galaxy Note series is ending for sure this time. The giant manufacturer, which brought the S21 Ultra with the S-Pen pen in the past weeks, has now come to the end of the Note series. At the same time, he supported this situation in Ice Universe, which we know with its leaks, with a post that says “The End”.

Samsung, with the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which it launched in the past weeks, broke new ground in “S” series flagships. The Korean manufacturer has included the S-pen pen that is unique to the Note series in its S21 Ultra model. It was previously said that the S21 Ultra will come with the S-pen. However, nobody cared about this when the device was introduced. But now, when the Korean manufacturer supported the “S” series flagship with this pen, the scale of the business started to change again.

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Samsung will bring the s-pen pen to more phones in the coming years. In other words, by unplugging the Note series, it will transfer the features specific to this series to other phones in its category. Let’s see which model will be the next phone with S-pen? Let’s wait and see …


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