Wearable technological products exceeded 100 million units worldwide in three months. The three-month process made the lips astonish with numbers.


As you know, dynamism continues in the technology world right now. Smartphones, smartwatches, tablets and computers that hit the market sell like cheesecake. Currently, many smartphone manufacturers continue to turn to smart watches. Smart watches, which appear as wearable technological products, sold like crazy last year. Everyone knows Apple’s leadership in the field of smart watches. 40 percent of the smart watches sold in 2020 belonged to Apple Watch products. After Apple, Samsung emerges as another leader in this field. Now wearable technological products are expressed in numbers. Within three months, sales exceeded 100 million units.

In this news, we talked about the prominent details about technological products. The world of technology does not call money money.

Wearable Tech Products Sold Over 100 Million In Three Months

According to the information we have obtained today, a total of 104.6 million technological products were sold in January, February and March. These products include smart watches, fitness tracking wristbands, etc. If we share the figures for the quarter last year, 77.8 million units of products were sold in the last three months. In other words, there is a 34.4% increase in technological product sales this year.


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