We are here with the seventh of our weekly series recommendations. This week, we’ll be recommending a vampire-themed series in the mock documentary comedy: What We Do in The Shadow.

Let me first state that it is not a mistake for those who follow the movie recommendations. The movie we proposed yesterday has the same name as the series we proposed today. Only the players are different, and of course, the picture is better with the technological progress of the years.

The cast of the series, which started in 2019, includes names such as Kayvan Novak, Matt Berry, Natasia Demetriou Harvey Guillén and Mark Proksch. As a subject, it is a comedy series that focuses on the daily life of three vampires and one of their acquaintances.

It should be said that this series is much more successful than the movie because the characters are created in more detail and we can watch their lives in more detail. When you watch the characters in more detail, the production becomes better because it is not possible to fit daily life or a year into 2 hours. However, in the series, we can see how the characters approach in almost every situation.

Another issue I would like to mention in the movie is the actors. The players are different as I said. To be honest, there is a better performance than the actors in the movie. Matt Berry is already a well-known actor, but the other actors have played so well that the focus never remains on one character. Likewise, the fact that the characters are different from each other makes the series fun.

To sum up, I think everyone who likes this movie should definitely watch this series. For those who do not know the movie, I think that those who like comedy series should definitely take a look. The series currently has 2 seasons consisting of 20 episodes in total. He also got the third season approval.

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