We are here with the fourteenth of our weekly movie recommendations. This week we will propose a travel movie starring Tom Hanks.

Travel movies have always been a genre I like. It is always enjoyable to watch the development of the characters and what happens to the characters in a certain period of time. However, it should be said that such films have contained many clichés and are similar to each other for a long time. The movie we are going to recommend today is also a travel movie and is also a wild west theme. However, it still has not gotten rid of cliches.

News of the World, directed by Paul Greengrass and written by Paul Greengrass and Luke Davies, is the movie we recommend to you this week. The cast is as follows: Tom Hanks, Elizabeth Marvel, Ray McKinnon, Mare Winningham, Helena Zengel and Neil Sandilands.

News of the World, adapted from the novel of the same name published by Paulette Jiles in 2016, is briefly a journey story and takes place during the American Civil War. So we can say that it has a wild west theme. The point is: An American Civil War veteran who travels town to town and reads the news, embarks on a dangerous journey across Texas to find a new home for an orphan girl.

As you may have already noticed, Tom Hanks is in the lead role of the movie and again he did a tremendous job. Helena Zengel, accompanying Tom Hanks, also did a really good job. In terms of directing, I can say that the film is at a normal level. As I said, the movie could not get rid of some of the travel story clichés, but because of some differences, these clichés do not catch your eye. Unfortunately I can’t give more details so as not to spoil it.

I would comfortably recommend News of the World to anyone who likes a travel story. It can even be watched just to watch Tom Hanks. You can find the movie on Netflix right now.


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