We are here with the fifteenth of our weekly movie recommendations. This week, we will propose a quality film that tells about a real event.

Personally, I have always been interested in watching movies or TV series of events. However, it is really difficult to distinguish between high quality and poor quality among these productions. Because the story is a real event, it can sometimes be difficult to understand details such as whether the story itself is interesting, the director is well conveyed, the story boring or the director is bad. This week, I will propose a movie that I personally like the work of the director and tells the story: The Trial of the Chicago 7.

The film is directed by Aaron Sorkin, who has written films such as A Few Good Man and Social Network. The cast is also obviously enormous. The film stars Eddie Redmayne, Alex Sharp, Sacha Baron Cohen, Jeremy Strong, John Carroll Lynch, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Mark Rylance, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ben Shenkman, Frank Langella, John Doman, and Michael Keaton.

Inspired by a real event that took place in 1968, The Trial of the Chicago 7 deals with the actions of a group of Americans who do not want war, the subsequent growth of events and the trial of these 7 people in court.

There are two things I want to praise in the movie. The first is acting. It is obvious that the actors are good, but each of them showed a high level of acting. People are amazed while watching. Especially Sacha Baron Cohen, Frank Langella, Jeremy Strong and Eddie Redmayne played extra well.

The other situation I would like to praise is fiction. The story is actually a sad event in every country. However, director Aarson Sorkin has done the editing so well that you get excited and nervous every second of a movie that is expected to be static. It is better not to talk too much in order not to be spoilers, but you will definitely see the beauty of the editing when you watch it. The pace of the movie is constantly high.

I recommend The Trial of the Chicago 7 for anyone who likes to watch movies. The Trial of the Chicago 7. 2 hours and 10 minutes long movie, which has been a quality film in every aspect, can be found on Netflix now.


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