We are here with this week’s content of our “Most Earning Cryptocurrencies of the Week” series, which covers the top 100 cryptocurrencies in terms of market value. As the Koinfinans team, we evaluated the past week for you. Here are the most profitable cryptocurrencies among the top 100 cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap. (Data was taken at the time of writing, so it may change during the day.)

5-) Waves (WAVES)

Waves price gained 7.95% on its 24-hour trading chart as the broader crypto market struggled to recover after a month-long decline. This gain was also reflected in the weekly exchange and WAVES is currently trading at $17.64.

Like many PoS protocols, the Waves blockchain has received a lot of attention from crypto investors due to its lower energy consumption compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum.


SHIB, which gained 19.15% weekly value, ranks 4th on the list. The joke coin SHIB has reached record levels after various developments in the past months.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) actually gained a significant rise after it was announced that it will be listed on Coinbase Pro last week. However, after the announcement that the listing would experience a temporary delay, the price plunged and erased most of its gains. Despite this, the price is performing well on a weekly basis.

3-) Quant (QNT)

QNT, which was in the 1st place in the weekly evaluation we published last week, is now in the 3rd place with an increase of 24%. Unlike other cryptocurrencies on the list, QNT set a new ATH ($81.93) last week. Although it is currently around $ 7, it shows remarkable increases on a weekly and monthly basis.

Besides, Quant was launched in 2018 with the aim of increasing the interoperability of blockchains in the industry. While there are many scaling options available for multiple blockchains, Quant took an innovative approach to addressing the lack of interoperability in the blockchain space.

2-) XinFin Network (XDC)

XDC, which is in the 2nd place of the list, is the crypto currency that gained the most value in the 24-hour period. In addition, it gained 41.06% weekly value and earned the right to be in the 2nd place in the list.

In fact, we can say that an announcement dated June 10 activated the XDC price. According to MyWish’s official announcement on June 10, XinFin XDC Network (XDC) devices have been integrated by the MyWish development environment. It was announced that MyWish’s token contract for the XinFin XDC Network (XDC) will be activated on June 11, 2021, after which the price gained a notable increase.

1-) Amp (AMP)

The cryptocurrency topping the list this week was AMP, up 52.42% weekly. The biggest spark behind the rally was the listing on Coinbase. Earlier this year, one of the biggest challenges of AMP was that it was not accessible to traders. However, as its value has increased, more exchanges have incorporated the cryptocurrency. Although the price lost value afterward, we can say that the market is still in good shape in the middle of the decline.

Data from the IntoTheBlock platform also reveals that nearly every other metric of AMP has experienced growth, from active addresses and wallet balances to average transaction value and number of daily transactions.


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