We will hear more about Microsoft’s next generation console in 2021. The statement comes from Microsoft’s director of program management, Jason Ronald.

Mictosoft’s next-generation console and Sony’s next-generation console made their debut last year. Currently there is the same problem for both consoles: no new games to play. As with every generation transition, there are not many games to play at the moment, but especially this year, important games will come to both consoles.

Of course, apart from the games, good news is expected from both companies. We will see more exciting news this year, according to a recent statement from Microsoft’s program management director Jason Ronald.

Jason Ronald, who recently attended the official Xbox podcast, said, “What we’ve announced so far is just the beginning, we have more exciting developments regarding our future plans that we will share within this year.” found in the description.

Looking at previous news, currently Microsoft has a situation to buy Bethesda and the purchase will be finalized on March 5. It is also known that there are two unannounced big games that are expected to be released this year. Finally, it is known that Microsoft wants to buy more big studios. We will see more clearly Microsoft’s plans for the Xbox in the future.


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