The fluctuating days of the leading crypto asset Bitcoin are not over. Volatility rates in digital assets scare investors, while cryptocurrency analysts are unable to keep quiet. Many domestic cryptocurrency analysts and traders shared the daily price movement chart of Bitcoin; it criticizes the course of the asset. Crypto Emre, one of the popular names of the local crypto money community, also expressed his opinions on this issue.

These Levels Don’t Cut Me

Crypto Emre, referring to the levels that the leading cryptocurrency is testing, made the following statement:

“If Bitcoin can stay above $ 9,650, it will test $ 10,000 again, if it breaks, $ 10,200 levels will be tested etc. But these don’t cut me off. There must be some crazy moves this summer. Again in every corner, people should talk about Bitcoin, I want days to come. ”

Again, another popular name of the crypto money community, analyst Crypto Kemal, gave a kind of signal to the tweet of Crypto Emre by giving the following response:

“It looks like DeFi will be a pioneer…”

I’m still hopeful from Ethereum

In addition to Crypto Emre Bitcoin, he ranked his second opinion about the crypto asset Ethereum, which ranks second, saying:

“I am still hopeful and positive from Ethereum for the next few months, but short-runners can sell profit at these levels if they want.”


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