Wes Anderson shared 11 of his favorite movies from the quarantine process. Anderson’s favorites include productions like Alice Adams, Do the Right Thing, and La Grande Bouffe.

Wes Anderson, who enjoys watching in the cinema world with films such as The Royal Tenenbaums, Rushmore, Moonrise Kingdom and The Grand Budapest Hotel, has been present in the world of cinema with films that have gained the viewer’s appreciation, and his new film The French Dispatch, which attracted attention with his rich cast, attracted attention with his new cast, The French Dispatch. preparing to be a guest.

In these times when everyone is staying at home because of the epidemic, Wes Anderson shares the movies he watches during the quarantine process with moviegoers like many of his colleagues did. Anderson’s 1935 film Alice Adams, starring Katharine Hepburn and nominated for an Oscar, La Spice Lee’s memorable film Do the Right Thing, La Grande Bouffe, which is one of Marco Ferreri’s most important films. There are productions such as 1963 Station Six-Sahara, directed by Holt and starring Carroll Baker and Peter van Eyck.

You can find 11 movies watched by Wes Anderson during the quarantine process here.

11 Movies Watched By Wes Anderson During The Quarantine Process

  • Alice Adams – George Stevens (1935)
  • Beat the Devil – John Huston (1953)
  • Nothing Sacred – William A. Wellman (1937)
  • Do the Right Thing – Spike Lee (1989)
  • The Long Voyage Home – John Ford (1940)
  • A Story From Chikamatsu – Kenji Mizoguchi (1954)
  • La Grande Bouffe – Marco Ferreri (1973)
  • The Passionate Friends – David Lean (1949)
  • Station Six-Sahara – Seth Holt (1962)
  • What Price Hollywood? – George Cukor (1932)
  • Winter Kills – William Richert (1979)


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