The Upstream Arcade and Raw Fury action-shooting title for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch is now available on Xbox Game Pass.

West of Dead, the rogue-like action-shooting title from Upstream Arcade and Raw Fury is out now on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch, as well as the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. We remember that it was presented at the end of 2019 and, months later, it has landed on PC and consoles to offer us an action-packed adventure and strategic shootings with a striking and unique graphic section. The first impressions that the players have shared suggest that it is a more than remarkable work for lovers of the rogue-like genre.

The keys to West of Dead, now available on PC and consoles

West of Dead takes place in Purgatory, Wyoming, in the year 1888. According to the official description of the title, it is “a place of gunpowder and darkness, sin and penance, witches and wendigos”, in addition to being a chaotic and turbulent world it takes shape from the memories, culture and beliefs of the souls that cross it. Therefore, we see how folklore and the careful setting are elements that the development study in charge has taken into account when conceiving the game world.

As for our protagonist, it is a certain William Mason (who has the voice of Ron Perlman). Deceased, descend into the grim, stark world of Purgatory and face dozens of enemies through the use of a frenzied cover shooter system, which combines the fluidity of dual stick controls and the use of strategic positions under cover. Therefore, from Raw Fury we are invited to test our skills at the controls in order to be able to search for cover in time before being riddled by our opponents. “The Wild West has never been so dark.”


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