‘Westworld’ ended its third season on HBO on Monday (Sunday in the United States) with the security of having in hand the renewal of the fourth season, which the network confirmed once and for all a few weeks ago.

A season 4 that, if the hints are true (and the gods allow it) would not be the last since there is talk of having in mind a fifth and even sixth season as part of the millionaire deal that Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan came to with HBO . But let’s not advance events and see what we know (so far) of this next season.

The history
After the explosive end of Season 3, there are some open fronts. By the way, from here we enter spoiler grounds. Above all, we have what seems to be a clear temporary leap in the post-credit scenes with Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) regaining consciousness after it is not known how long (he’s dusty) since he opened “Sublime”.

But what exactly is that about Sublime and what are the implications in the story? What will Maeve and Caleb do in the new world ahead? What does Charlotte / Halores intend in the open war in Delos? How is humanity on the road to collapse?

The cast
Knowing the nature of the protagonists of ‘Westworld’ and the number of “surprise” appearances (Clementine!) We have had, we cannot determine a specific cast (can we really erase Dolores from the map?).

At the moment, we can be almost certain to find Ed Harris (as his robotic version of the Man in Black), Thandie Newton, Tessa Thompson, Jeffrey Wright and Aaron Paul playing the key players in this new act in the series.

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Filming and release date
One of the things that is repeated over and over again is that ‘Westworld’ has more and more scope and everything seems to indicate that we are going to handle the times with which Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy counted to make season 3 (about 18 months ). In fact Casey Bloys (HBO President of Programming) states:

“As Jonah and Lisa will tell you, I always say ‘Can we have it sooner?’ As the series get bigger and more complicated, I think more time between seasons is becoming the norm”

This joins the creators’ deal with Amazon, which already implies new projects for the duo such as’ The Peripheral ‘. At the moment, everything seems to indicate that they may need another two years to complete this new season, bringing us to a tentative release date in 2022.

How many episodes will this season 4 consist of? We don’t know either: the first two consisted of ten chapters each, the third has been eight.


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