Telegram, which gained strength after the privacy policy scandal of WhatsApp, presented a number of innovations to its users with its new update.



WhatsApp, the most used messaging application of a period, is currently having a hard time. The application, which lost millions of users both in our country and in the world with the new privacy policy scandal in the past months, is currently working on the new privacy policy. As you may remember, in the news we made in the past weeks, we mentioned that WhatsApp will change its privacy policy to regain its users. While there is no new policy yet, users who do not accept this policy will no longer be able to send or receive messages. We have stated once again that WhatsApp has lost millions of users. So where did these users go? Most of them preferred Telegram. Telegram will stand out from its competitors with its new feature.

Telegram, which managed to reach more than 100 million new users after the privacy policy scandal, offered its users beautiful features with a brand new update. Telegram, one of the 10 most used messaging applications today, has started to make conversations indispensable with the animated emojis it offers to its users. The update is now available for download.


Telegram Introduces New Features With New Update

With the specified update, it offers millions of users animated emojis, various widgets and automatic deletion. While today’s users are familiar with widgets and emojis, they have started to research on the internet what the automatic deletion feature is. We have reached the clearest information about the automatic deletion feature for our readers and we decided to write this article. With the automatic deletion feature of the application, the messages will be automatically deleted after a certain period of time after the chats. As it is known, in applications such as WhatsApp, unless we delete messages manually, even for months, our device takes up space. Telegram also realizes this situation and saves users from a great deal of effort. Users can also adjust the settings of the automatic deletion coming to the application. They can choose the 24-hour or 7-day option to automatically delete the messages if they wish. Those who wish can continue to use the application without activating this feature.


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