Apple is making a special short film for China this year, just like every year, to celebrate the Chinese New Year. As always, he shared it with users on his own YouTube channel under the title “Filmed with iPhone”.



This year’s movie was shot on iPhone 12 Pro Max. This short film is about a small and innocent girl, according to Chinese custom, encountering a monster named “Nian” on a mountain she climbs to feed animals during the Chinese New Year.

Here is the whole 12-minute movie …

As usual, Apple has released another small movie about the production of this short film. Describes the process of filming the film, highlighting the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s powerful videographic capabilities and stabilized (1x and 2.5x) cameras. The film was shot using the Dolby Vision method, which allows low light shots.
In fact, what Apple wanted to tell in these films was that the iPhone 12 Pro Max could shoot with a special camera that was difficult or almost impossible to achieve. In a bathtub filled to the brim, by attaching it to the wheel of the car, mounting it to the ceiling of a house, etc. Shooting with different methods such as.


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