In this news, we take a closer look at what can be introduced in WWDC 2020.

We have already told you that the World Developers Conference (WWDC 2020), which is organized annually by Apple, will take place online from June 22 due to Corona this year. The expected day has arrived. As Webrazzi, we will pass on all the details of WWDC 2020. In this news, we look closely at what can be introduced in WWDC 2020.

First of all, let us remind you that there is a software conference underlying WWDC. For this reason, innovations related to the software side of Apple are expected to be introduced within the scope of WWDC 2020. Among the innovations expected to be introduced are new versions of iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS operating systems.

iOS 14

The star of WWDC 2020 will be the newest version of the iOS operating system as every year. From the innovations that we may encounter with the iOS 14 operating system to the iPhone models for which the operating system will be offered, we have already conveyed many news to you. According to the news we encounter, iOS 14 operating system will focus on performance and stability issues rather than bringing new features.

iOS 14 is also expected to offer a variety of customization features. IOS 14, which will allow you to customize your home screen, will have advanced Widgets support and new wallpaper features just like on Android platform.

iPadOS 14

Apple introduced iPadOS, the exclusive operating system for iPad, in WWDC 2019. iPadOS, which is the customized version of iOS operating system for iPads, will also appear in WWDC 2020. Within the scope of the conference, iPadOS 14 operating system is expected to be introduced.

Among the innovations that are expected to come up with iPadOS 14 is the new API called “PencilKit”. Thanks to this API, it is planned to provide a much more advanced Apple Pencil support. According to the shared information, “PencilKit” will also be used by 3rd party developers.

watchOS 7

Apple’s smartwatch, watchOS, the operating system of Apple Watch, will be available with its 7th version. New features that are expected to come up with watchOS 7 include new watch screens, personalization that can be done on watch screens, new health tracking features, sleeper tracking and child mode.

tvOS 14

TVOS 14, which is the operating system of Apple TV and HomePod devices, will appear in WWDC 2020 with its new features. With TVOS 14, Apple TV models are expected to support Fitness app. According to the leaks we encounter, Apple is also working on a kid mode feature for Apple TV and tvOS 14. With this feature, how much TV children watch can be measured. It should be noted that for HomePod, 3rd party application support can be offered.

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macOS 10.16

While there are many leaks related to all operating systems from Apple, there have been almost no leaks related to the macOS operating system this year. For this reason, it is not clear exactly what new features will come up with the macOS 10.16 operating system.

The biggest leak we come across with Mac leaks is that Apple can produce its own ARM-based processors. As a reminder, Apple has been using Intel’s processors since 2006. Apple, who wants to change this situation, can introduce their own processors in WWDC 2020. According to information shared by Bloomberg, ARM-based processors are expected to be more efficient in graphics performance, battery consumption and AI tasks.

New iMac

While the software products are the stars of the WWDC 2020, it is also expected to introduce hardware products at the conference. The new version of the iMac series, which has not received the new model for a long time, can be seen in WWDC 2020. The new iMac, which is expected to resemble the Pro Display XDR model in terms of design, is expected to have thin bezels.

New Apple TV 4K

The current Apple TV 4K model was introduced in 2017. According to the leaks, a new Apple TV 4K model is expected to be introduced. The model is not expected to change in terms of design, 64 and 128 GB internal storage support and new processor are expected.

Apple AirTags

In September of last year, we told you that Apple is working on a new Tile-like location tracking technology. This feature is expected to be called Apple AirTags and have Tile-like AirTags.

These leaks come up with innovations that are expected to be shared today. However, there are also innovations that we hope to be introduced. These include changing the App Store policies, which receive 30 percent commission from apps, the ability to change default apps with iOS 14, advanced home screen customization, multi-user support for iPad models, and the launch of iMessage for the Android platform.

As Webrazzi, we will continue to convey all the details we encountered in WWDC 2020.


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