The bottom of the sea is a place full of mysteries where the strangest beings on our planet live. Some even doubt that these creatures could exist, mainly because most of them seem to come out of a fiction film. So who are these animals that inhabit our abyss?

Abyssal creatures are beings that live at a certain depth of the ocean, more precisely in the abyssal areas, which are places where where sunlight does not arrive and where the pressure can reach 76 MPa. This deep part of the oceans is generally more than 4,000 meters deep, with very low temperatures.

These creatures survive in very difficult conditions, with hundreds of pressure bars, small amounts of oxygen, very little food, no sunlight and constant and extreme cold. The creatures that live in these regions have undergone adaptations over time.

Appearance of Abyssal Creatures

Abyssal beings generally have an elastic body, and an expandable stomach, capable of digesting beings that are twice their size. Many of these fish also have a bioluminescence to attract their prey or to launch occasional lightning bolts, which contributes to lighting up the environment and having a light skeleton.

Scientists claim that many of these marine beings are still unknown to humans. It is said that we know only 20% of the life forms of the oceans. Some live about five thousand meters deep, in cracks and rocks. However, from time to time, a new species emerges and teaches us more about this environment.

In general, the appearance of abyssal creatures is atypical. This is due to their physical adaptation to survive the harsh conditions of the inhospitable environments of the sea depths, developing almost terrifying forms.

The reproduction of abyssal beings

Reproduction is another difficulty for these beings. Indeed, many do not have a developed vision, and the pressure of the oceans, although they are used to it, also complicates the task. Most of these creatures are hermaphrodites, and when they cannot find a partner, they reproduce themselves.

What are these creatures?

Here are some examples of these abyssal creatures:

The black devil
This fish became famous in the animated film Nemo and has a rather hostile appearance. Its poison is one of the deadliest that can be found in sea creatures. He has in his head a kind of shiny fishing rod which is used to attract prey.

Hand fish

This fish has a somewhat special characteristic: it has arms and hands. They are found in the deep waters of Australia and are in danger of extinction.

Sea cucumber

An extremely dangerous creature that releases a deadly toxin and whose body is covered with thorns or thick skin.

Emperor shrimp

The emperor shrimp is orange with legs of a deep purple tone, the animal is less than 2 cm long and acts as a parasite, especially on sea cucumber.

Big-billed shark

This rare species of shark has a mouth whose opening extends to the back of the eye line and inside this huge mouth, it has more than 50 rows of teeth. Few prey resist him.

Box fish

This fish is completely square and when it feels threatened, it increases its size to scare away its predators. It has small legs which it uses to move.

The ocean is huge and most of it has not been explored by humans. This leads us to think that there could be countless other creatures that have not yet been discovered.


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