Local analyst Krypto Levent stated that the signals indicating that the party is over in Bitcoin (BTC) have become definite. According to the analyst, an average of $ 8 thousand 200 is most likely to be seen.

Crypto Levent used the following expressions in his tweet series:

“Friends I updated the pink line above, we will follow the top 9040 price. Short-term employees should have already been out of action. Medium-term employees can follow this price. It’s time to be careful with 8200 for long-term ministers. ”

In addition, the analyst, who made explanations for altcoins, said:

“Let me give general information about those who ask what the bottom is like. First price approx. 7% below. Although it is not certain, we can say that the sale in altcoins can be reduced by 7 percent from its current prices. So those who do not know any TA can calculate the #btc fall percentage. ”

There are three scenarios

Another analyst Volkan Korkmaz said that a downtrend in BTC has been entered and there are 3 scenarios ahead. The 3 scenarios mentioned by Korkmaz are as follows:

The possibility of coming to 16 thousand 800 levels and making the right shoulder of OBO formation,
Possibility to test the bottom and search for return,
Probability of a new potential descending bottom search (3,000 – 3,300) levels.
“For the Bullish script, see: The red box I mentioned in the first tweet is a must,” said the analyst.


The Collapse Could Happen

Another analyst, Dr. Hardfork said, “#BTC broke support for $ 9 thousand, $ 8,500 and below $ 8,200. If the resistance of 8 thousand 200 is broken, the collapse will be harsh. ”

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CryptoPanda is one of the analysts who are waiting for a serious decline. The analyst uses the following statements regarding the BTC price:

“That’s what Bitcoin 4H looks like on the chart. The situations are not very heartwarming. A few times, 10 thousand levels have been tried but not exceeded. There was a strong resistance. A downward move will not be a surprise, unless the $ 10,000 levels are exceeded in volume. If the rising wedge breaks down, the first support seems to be 8 thousand 200 and the second support 6 thousand 800 dollars within the Fibonacci levels. ”

Be comfortable

Another analyst, Crypto Michael, told investors that they should be comfortable. Michael used the following statements:

“The end of the world is coming (!) #BITCOIN 9 thousand 100 dollars. BTC is still + 150 percent since the crash in March and has been the best performing asset ever since. everyone calm down. ”


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