Microsoft founder Bill Gates expressed his views on Bitcoin, which has recently been on the world agenda. He said that although he does not keep bitcoin in his portfolio, he is not out of place against the best cryptocurrency, but rather has a neutral stance. Gates’ comments came during an interview with CNBC.



I do not own bitcoin. That’s why I have a neutral opinion.

Gates also revealed that although his organization is related to digital currency transactions, this is not necessarily in bitcoin and added:

I think taking money into a more digital form and lowering transaction costs is something the Gates Foundation is doing in developing countries.


Bill Gates believes the Bitcoin price is speculative

Bill Gates, who now spends his time mostly on charity, has argued that he cannot predict how bitcoin will be fair in the future, but that the current price action is highly speculative:

But Bitcoin can make massive moves or go up or down regardless of opinion, and there is no way to predict how that will progress.

Gates also shared his views on the recent Reddit craze that led to the highly controversial high price volatility in the stock market. Gates believes the SEC should look into this because he said he didn’t think the exchange was just playing a casino-like role.

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While most of the leading financial institutions including BNY Mellon, Blackrock, JP Morgan and others have either already invested in bitcoin or are actively seeking to integrate it looking at the growing demand, Gates commented on how the best cryptocurrency will be fair in the future. He stated that he could not estimate.


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