Ethereum News: Blockchain metrics and fundamental developments have been a beacon of hope for most Ethereum investors in 2021. Whenever prices fell, speculators rightly continued to do what they always do to increase their own profit margins.



Ethereum has been at the forefront of many crypto innovations over the years and has taken the market to new heights and deserves recognition for its effort. Still, it’s important to understand and compare how these blockchain developments affect the second-best cryptocurrency.

Ignoring Ethereum innovations…

Completely ignoring Ethereum’s blockchain features and innovations can be interpreted as hypocrisy. Currently, one of the biggest frustrations of ETH regarding network fees is being ignored. ETH’s network currently has the lowest transaction fees since January 2021, which is one of the main reasons why more users are regularly using the network again. While low fees are a good sign, it is also an indication that Polygon and Binance Smart Chain are consuming some of their ETH activity.

However, users continue to store assets on the ETH network, so the importance of the world’s largest altcoin network continues to hold its own specific weight.

Additionally, Ether’s network usage also remained high and price corrections did not change course. So in the long run, the value of ETH should be safe and healthy, right? Technically, yes.

Still, crypto investors are often indecisive individuals, so short-term price action is pretty important to their growth. This indecision can be the main reason for instant sales.

What do the factors point to for Ethereum?

Most investors trade crypto and their impact on the market is also clear. Therefore, when the market goes through a period of significant bearish liquidation, the innovations that ETH has introduced in its infrastructure work can show itself and pave the way for everyone to show the difference in the asset where it falls.

However, this has not been the case for Ethereum lately.

According to Skew, ETH’s Realized Volatility indicates a cooldown. From a short-term bullish perspective, this may not be good news. Volatility has collectively dragged the market down and its recovery is also due to some unpredictability. However, the current option justifies investors to be worried and alert.

Will the calf’s tail break off in June?

The current situation is like shooting in the dark. The market is uncertain as fluctuating conditions continue to expand themselves. Currently, there is less than a 5% probability of Ethereum climbing to previous ATH levels in June. Therefore, temporary acceleration and thrust seem necessary as the on-chain improvements do not kick in.


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