Coinbase News: According to recently released central bank records, the Fed Chairman recently met with the CEO of Coinbase. The meeting took place on May 11, 2021 and it is assumed that the crypto issue is among the topics discussed. It is stated that Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong also met with many politicians and agency heads at that time.



Over the past few years, the cryptocurrency industry has made many attempts to increase adoption and enforce regulations. Crypto representatives and officials of various projects met with all kinds of government officials, lawmakers, large traditional traders and investors and many more to educate them about crypto, explain how it all works, its potential and more.

The most popular of these meetings was the one where TRON’s Justin Sun met Warren Buffett at lunch and tried to change his mind about crypto. Now, although it is in May, it has been revealed that another important meeting, which has not been publicly known until now, has taken place.

This time, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell met with Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong. The meeting came to light thanks to central bank records showing that the meeting took place on May 11, about two months ago. Interestingly, this is one of only two meetings where Powell met with CEOs during the month of May. The other interview was with Jamie Dimon, president of JP Morgan. However, this is not all that surprising given that JPMorgan Chase is the largest bank in the country.

Coinbase CEO meets with politicians and agency heads

The meeting with Brian Armstrong also came at an interesting time, because that was before prices dropped. Cryptocurrencies are at their peak and the Fed is also in the middle of its research on CBDCs (the results are still unknown to the public). That said, the article about it should be published during this summer.

Fed chairman and Armstrong were not alone, as former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was also in attendance. Also, the meeting comes as the last in a long series of meetings Armstrong has had with multiple political leaders from Washington. Armstrong said that all the politicians and agency heads he met at the time were very thoughtful and committed individuals, and he was happy to make friends and connect their teams with Coinbase’s own team.

While it is assumed that the reason for the meeting was to talk about cryptocurrencies, nothing more than Powell’s schedule has yet been announced. However, many see this as a positive thing, as it could mean that the CEO of Coinbase is making an effort to educate these important individuals who may have a say in formulating future laws regarding the digital currency industry.


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