Despite the lack of excitement in bitcoin splitting and the immense developments in price, the sense of community is still seen as positive.

According to Joshua Frank, co-founder and CEO of data analytics platform The Tie, despite the unexpected collapse in the previous days and its impertinent show that day; It remained strong during the halfway.

Franc; “The halfway is still important for Bitcoin,” he said. Frank said, “65% of 4119 tweets have been related to Bitcoin in the past 24 hours, while the positive effects of the halfway continue.” he spoke. There was also a positive atmosphere in tweets using the #BitcoinHalving and # BitcoinHalving2020 hashtags on Twitter.

Before splitting, Bitcoin attracted the highest level of the year. This interest occurred shortly before it climbed to $ 10,000 on May 7th. However, positivity was short. Bitcoin price suddenly dropped, just two days before the split, investors’ faces were wrinkled.

Frank said, “Since Bitcoin’s price dropped over 10% on May 9, market interest has reached its lowest level since” Bloody Thursday “on March 12.” said.

Nevertheless, despite the adverse weather caused by a price drop, investors remained resilient, while interest returned within only 24 hours.

If we look at the day of splitting; Bitcoin has had one of the most controversial days since June 2019: March 12, ‘Bloody Thursday’

However, even more remarkable was Bitcoin’s Twitter dominance. According to Frank, on May 11, Bitcoin’s Twitter domination has reached its highest point since December 8, 2017.

Therefore, even though the Bitcoin half is not very exciting, at least the positive weather that follows; continued to exceed expectations.


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