Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse gave an interview to CNN’s Julia Chatterley. During the interview, Chatterley focused on what would happen if Ripple lost its legal fight against the SEC.

Garlinghouse expressed confidence that Ripple would win, but did not rule out the possibility that the court would not agree: “I think we will win, but as you said, there is a possibility that the court system will not go that way.” At the same time, Garlinghouse stressed that Ripple continues to grow beyond the United States:

“The good news for Ripple is that we’ve continued to cooperate with customers, signed deals with more than 20 new financial institutions around the world since the SEC filed their case, and I think we’ll see the network grow very fast with customers outside of the US. The challenge is that it drives blockchain and crypto innovation outside of the US, which I don’t think is in the interest of the United States. ”

Chatterley asked what Ripple would do with US operations in the event of a defeat, proposing “alternative solutions” specifically for US customers. The famous CEO said that abandoning XRP and replacing it with an alternative could “definitely” be part of the solution when asked about “contingency plans”:

“This could definitely be part of the solution. […]. But we can do that. First of all, we thought about how to solve a customer problem, and I think that has served our growth, and that’s why we’ve seen massive activity on RippleNet in billions of dollars’ worth of transactions. ”

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The CEO of Ripple ignored the danger of falling behind DeFi or global stablecoins, as they serve other use cases of Ripple, if nothing else. Also, Ripple said it has built a strong network of partners, including central banks around the world, who see Ripple’s solutions as “useful”.

Garlinghouse also commented on current events within the SEC. He and Chris Larsen are currently being requested by the SEC to submit their personal financial records:

“I am really looking forward to the facts that will emerge in court. You know, this is something I don’t comment publicly because the wheels of justice move slowly. It is important that we reveal the facts. We listened to one side of the story from the SEC. In fact, as the facts come out, I think Ripple and I are more transparent than anyone else in the crypto industry. ”


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