The product we use and carry around the most today is definitely our smartphones. With the development of technology, we can say that almost every individual has a smart phone. Well, have you thought if you ever damaged the phones we use? For example, charging at night or using it while charging. Every person has definitely wondered about something about it. That’s why we wanted to help you by preparing this article. Let’s discuss a look at what will or will not happen if we charge our devices at night.



Normally, smartphone users charge their devices at night and unplug them the next day in the morning. Generally, this is more common in people who go to work or school. Many employees, including us, also plug their phones into charging during the night and pick them up in the morning on their way to work. However, this has been the subject of controversy many times. Everyone in the market constantly left a question mark by commenting on this topic. So we have always wondered whether it is healthy to charge the phone overnight or not. However, we finally had the opportunity to come to a clear conclusion about this situation in the foreign press. See if the situation is really as it seems …

Charging the phone at night does not harm our devices as thought.
Charging smart phones overnight does not harm our devices as it seems. The reason for this is the lithium batteries preferred to our developing technology and devices. Since these batteries have an automatic protection function, the device automatically cuts off the current after the device is charged. After the current is cut, our devices will no longer be charged. Thus, battery health is not affected.

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Apart from that, of course, there are other questions on our minds. For example, charging the device after its battery is completely discharged. This situation confuses many people. Of course, reliable people also clarify this issue. According to the information received, it is healthier to charge our smartphones at least 20% and at most 40%. Thus, by preventing full discharge of the battery, you will also eliminate the voltage imbalance.

So how do you charge your phones? Is it all night or at certain times of the day? Indicate in the comments.

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