Instagram Reels Remix feature, which is one of the biggest social media channels of our day, will again delight millions of people.


While the importance of smartphones in our lives continues to increase day by day, social channels continue to grow. Undoubtedly, Instagram is the best and fastest growing in this field. The successful social media application, which receives updates regularly and brings an innovation to its users in every update it receives, came to the fore with a new feature today. With the new update announced under the name of Instagram Reels Remix, users will now be able to give different perspectives to videos and make them more fun. In this news, we will take a closer look at the new feature of Instagram with the difference of TeknoBurada and give information about how to use it.

The famous social media application that allows people to communicate with each other and make new friendships seems to make its competitors quite jealous with its new feature. With a brand new feature, the channel that will impress its users will continue to make a name for itself.


What is Instagram Reels Remix?

The Reels Remix feature is a simple and striking feature where users can create reels videos side by side with existing reels videos. With this feature, users will be able to create new reels videos side by side with existing reels videos.


How to Use Reels Remix Feature?

First of all, users who want to use this feature need to find a reels video. Users who find the Reels video will enter the menu by clicking the three dots icon and select the “Remix this Reel” option in this menu. After this option, the screen will be split in half, with the original reels video on one side of the screen and its own reels video capture area on the other. Users who record and complete the video will make the next step, audio settings. Users will also be able to adjust the sound settings easily and as they wish.

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This newly released feature will only be valid for the newly uploaded reels video. The newly released reels videos will be moved to a different dimension with the mix feature. With the remix feature, the social media channel, which will offer people both new trends and more fun moments, will also have a more interactive structure with content producers.


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