OnePlus WellPaper News: The company, which released updates for the 8 series this morning, now shared the details of the OnePlus WellPaper application.


OnePlus, which is also in the smartphone industry, continues to sign new developments. Announcing a new update this morning, the company pleased the phone users. The company, which came across with brand new smartphones both in our country and in the world, rolled up its sleeves again to achieve successful works. Today, an application called OnePlus WellPaper has been published. We investigated what is this application that caught our radar, what does it do, and we decided to convey the details to you. The new application, which is a wallpaper application, will give the phones a different perspective.

The new application, which gives users the opportunity to create their own live wallpapers and use them on their phones, was offered to users free of charge.

What is OnePlus WellPaper?

The application, which appears as a wallpaper application, will show wallpapers according to the situations we use the phone. In other words, users will encounter wallpapers according to how often they use their phones and which applications they use. The application, which will show wallpapers to its users with the data obtained from the applications used on the phones, has wallpapers in six different categories. The more often users use their phones, the more often the colors on the phone’s screen will change and they will see a colorful structure. The application can now be used with three different structures. The popular application can be used on all Android phones. If you want to use the application, you can download it from the Google Play Store.


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