Bitcoin (BTC) has started to gain strength as of yesterday. According to the leading cryptocurrency CoinMarketCap data, it was trading at $ 9,824 at the time of writing.

Bitcoin broke the $ 9,500 resistance zone against the US dollar yesterday, seeing $ 10,000 in a short time. The cryptocurrency then withdrew and remained in the $ 9,800 area.

Famous analyst Aayush Jindal states that with the price of BTC rising above $ 10 thousand, an increase could be experienced. According to the analyst, the first key support is near the $ 9,840 level. After that, if BTC successfully closes above the $ 10,000 resistance level daily, prices may increase steadily.

Bears Won’t Win Yet

Another master analyst, Josh Rager, said yesterday that the $ 10 thousand level did not rise. Rager said:

“This increase was expected, but if the price of Bitcoin rises in the block above and falls below the current resistance, it cannot be said to be an increase. However, BTC price is still holding at $ 9,800 and it is retesting this point. So the bears haven’t won yet. ”

Another analyst, Crypto Michael, said that this slight rise is good. Michael explained the next goals as follows:

  • If we break $ 10,000, the next level is $ 10,000.
  • If we break 10,500 dollars, the next level is 11,500-12 thousand dollars
  • The important level to keep is 9 thousand 100-9 thousand 300 dollars.

You can watch Crypto Michael’s analysis video below:


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