“WIN token” has become one of the most frequently searched terms, which has become more popular and reported more frequently in recent days.

Regardless of whether they are familiar with the cryptocurrency ecosystem or not, many users ask “What is a WIN token?” or “What is the WINk platform for?” started making calls like. We have reviewed the WINk platform and WIN token in this article for you.

WINk (WIN) Platform
Decentralized finance has grown in popularity over the past year. In addition, the increasing activity in the Etheruem network eventually led to unsustainable spikes in gas charges and severe network congestion. These rapidly rising gas fees made it difficult for the average retail investor to participate in even the simplest protocol interactions such as staking. That’s why investors started looking for non-Ethereum-based networks that offer yield farming and other DeFi opportunities. At this point, WINk (WIN) is a Tron-based (TRX) gaming platform that allows users to play, socialize and buy shares in multiple blockchain ecosystems using their native WIN token.

Interacting with the WINk protocol requires a Tron wallet with about 8 TRX, which is about $ 0.92 at the current price. Compared to the high per transaction fees on Ethereum, the ability to make multiple transactions within a few days for less than a dollar makes the platform highly attractive for the average investor. Similar to many DeFi platforms, WINk’s platform has many staking opportunities for tokens in the ecosystem, including TRONbetDice (DICE) and TRONbetLIVE (LIVE), which allow token stakers to earn some of the revenue from the activity happening in those games.

In contrast to the more centralized gaming platforms, the TRON-based WINk platform provides a unique and attractive user experience, according to the article on Binance Research:

Auditable smart contracts: Smart contracts can be audited because the backend of games is deployed in a smart contract that is visible to everyone. For example, it can bring huge benefits in terms of transparency in online casinos.
Custody: Most games allow users to maintain full custody of their funds.
Token rewards: Users will receive cryptographic tokens and other rewards for playing.
Activities: Social features and special events will be held to ensure the participation of the community.
Partnerships: Name-brand partnerships through TRON and BitTorrent to support DApp development and usage expansion.
WIN Token
Besides this information, another important issue that concerns investors is the WIN token and its massive rise in recent times. As mentioned above, WIN is the platform’s native token.

The token is currently traded on popular exchanges such as Binance, KuCoin, Poloniex, HitBTC. WIN has become the favorite of investors with a low cost of $ 0.00190400. The token gained 386% in 1 week and about 583% in 1 month.

While small investors are looking for options outside of the Ethereum network, projects like WIN stand out.

WINk Community
To increase the adoption of a cryptocurrency project, there must first be awareness across the community. The best way to raise awareness for a project is with a large and active community. The WINk community also still has a fairly decent community size that they have gained from the TronBet days. For example, they have a Twitter account with approximately 29 thousand followers. However, one of the biggest differences that WINk has is that it is built on Tron. Justin Sun, founder of Tron, is known as a prolific name.

It is undeniable that WINk has a strong team and started with a strong, proven product at TRONbet. Sure, blockchain games are a new field, but with the experience the development and marketing teams bring to the project, there is little reason to think the project will not be extremely successful.


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