Stellar Lumens rose 80.63% on Wednesday. Stellar Lumens closed the day at $ 0.3492 after Tuesday’s 17.79% rally. XLM, which started Thursday at $ 0.35, continues to move around these levels.


Stellar Lumen broke through the main resistance levels for the day to confirm the formation of a bullish trend since the drop to $ 0.026139 in March.

In the second half of the day, Stellar Lumen fell to $ 0.2650 levels.

The turnaround saw Stellar fall back from the third major resistance level at $ 0.30447 before returning to the $ 0.35 levels.

However, Stellar Lumen, which climbed as high as $ 0.40, ended the day at $ 0.34.

Stellar is trading at $ 0.34 at the time of writing.


What levels should be considered?

Stellar’s first major resistance level is seen at $ 0.44. The second major resistance level is located at $ 0.4630.

However, support from a wider market will be required for Stellar to hit Wednesday’s high of $ 0.4400.

In the event of another extended rally, Stellar is expected to test $ 0.55 ahead of any pullback. The second major resistance level is located at $ 0.5747.

Stellar’s support levels are seen at $ 0.3272 followed by $ 0.2945.


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