Bitcoin (BTC) fell to the $ 9,100 band recently. But it resumed its rise to 9 thousand 373 level. According to analysts, in order for BTC to continue its rise, it is necessary to break the resistance level of 9,500 dollars.

As we reported earlier, BTC had a sharp decline over $ 9,500 last week. The leading cryptocurrency has been traded below the $ 9,300 band for a while. Although BTC fell to $ 9,100 before moving upwards, it later broke above the resistance levels of $ 9,500 and $ 9,300, respectively.

Analyst Aayush Jindal states that Bitcoin must experience a break above $ 9,500 for a strong upward movement to follow. The famous analyst states that BTC will face obstacles of $ 9,800 and $ 9,840 from now on. According to Jindal, on the contrary, BTC can drop to $ 9 thousand 80.

A Different Situation

Analyst Crypto Michael said the following:

“People are comparing current movements to an output of around $ 10,500 in February 2020. I have seen; just a healthy, sideways gap against a slightly approached resistance. Altcoins are flying, which is different. ”


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