As Bitcoin continues its price discovery, it breaks a new record every day. But despite prices rising well above the previous record, altcoins hardly moved. So what types of cryptocurrencies will ATH do in the next explosion? An analyst announced his forecast.


“The next explosion can be seen in DeFi tokens.”

However, profits are expected to move and diversify soon. A well-known financial analyst claims that this will happen with DeFi tokens, not Ethereum or other altcoins.

Bitcoin’s price rose to over $ 28,000 over the weekend, and the crypto market has become hot with FOMO.

Most of the capital and interest has been around Bitcoin until now. But all eyes are on the ultimate “altcoin season”. As Ethereum exploded in the last two days that Bitcoin has cooled, the authoritative financial analyst and CIO say the next boom will be in DeFi tokens.

In fact, many altcoins may stay out of this bull run. Here is the reason.

Traditional finance investors could trigger the next crypto boom
Drawing attention to traditional finance investors, analyst Dorman said that the impossible barriers between traditional finance investors have been overcome with Bitcoin, but when the choice is given, they can ultimately benefit from the industry in other ways.

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Essentially, traditional finance investors can opt for the new non-traditional form of decentralized finance, as these assets also come with additional returns similar to stock dividends.

Beyond that, several altcoins (even the top 25 crypto assets by market capitalization) took three years to create a project for a product and give investors a reason to come back.

Why not Ethereum?

Ethereum may be the foundation of DeFi dapps, but increasing network fees each time the technology is used reveals scaling failure. This is less important to Bitcoin, but fees are a major factor as it relates to the utility of Ethereum.

Other altcoins are still buried in negative sentiment, they have an army of sellers waiting to be thrown away when they make a profit again, and even large assets like XRP are now out of the way.

For all these reasons and more, DeFi could shine in the upcoming bull market and become a particularly attractive area for traditional finance.


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