As we enter the new year, we enter with new expectations and hopes. 2019 was not a very good year, so everyone entered 2020 with excitement. But most people know that there is a saying that bad days are over and worse days are in the line. This is exactly how the year 2020 passed. We searched the year 2019 with candles and there was almost no disaster left. Obviously we were expecting an alien invasion, but we think we will manage to complete the year by surviving. But what did people search the most on Google in this year that was far behind expectations? Let’s take a look together!

Kobe Bryant

2020 has taken a lot from our hands, but perhaps Kobe Bryant was the one that hurt the most. Legendary basketball player became one of the most searched names on Google this year after he died in a helicopter crash.



Vaccine was one of the most searched words on Google this year. If we take into account that the word means vaccine, we can say that it is quite normal to be searched a lot this year.



With the pandemic period, one of the most downloaded applications was Zoom. Zoom, where we had the opportunity to video chat with our loved ones, was also searched on Google.


George floyd

As everyone knows, George Floyd was strangled to death by police in the USA.


Black Lives Matter

After the death of George Floyd, the slogan above, which means that the lives of black people are also important, became quite popular.

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It would be absurd for the epidemic that left its mark on this year not to be on the list of the most wanted words.



Although the name is not heard as much as the coronavirus, Hantavirus was also highly curious.


Coronavirus Symptoms

The symptoms of the virus were spoken a lot, especially in the early days, and this seems to be reflected in Google searches.


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