Apple will present its innovations at the WWDC 21 event it will organize today. So, what will the Cupertino company present today?


Apple will hold a conference for developers this year, as it does every year. The company from Cupertino will share its innovations with us at the Worldwide Developers Conference 21, that is, WWDC 21, which will be held with a pre-made video due to the coronavirus epidemic. Well, what new software and products will Apple come up with in this event.

What will be introduced at the WWDC 21 event?
iOS 15 and iPadOS 15

When it comes to WWDC, the first thing that comes to mind is undoubtedly the new iOS updates. Apple will come out with the iOS 15 update this year. The company, which did not offer radical and major innovations with the iOS 14 update introduced last year, needs to take action this year. We expect Apple, which will appear with the iOS 15 update, to offer great innovations especially in terms of design and to overhaul the renewed design with iOS 7 once again.

It is said that split-screen support, always-on display, more privacy options and more customization possibilities will come with iOS 15. Let’s see what kind of experience Apple will offer with iOS 15, which does not allow leaks about its software.

Moving on to the iPadOS front, Apple, which included the Apple M1 chipset in the iPad Pro model, actually heralded that something big would come. iPadOS cannot fully harness the power of the Apple M1 in its current conditions. For example, the Adobe Photoshop application can use a maximum of 4 GB of RAM due to the limitation of iPadOS. We expect great innovations to be made with iPadOS 15 so that the iPad Pro with 16 GB of RAM can show its power to the fullest. With iPadOS 15, a macOS-like experience will likely be offered.

Years later, Apple made innovations in design with macOS 11. We expect the Cupertino company to preserve this design and retouch it with the macOS 12 update. In terms of innovation, we do not have big expectations from macOS 12. Presumably, the more advanced privacy features that came with iOS 14 will come to Macs with macOS 12. macOS 12, which will offer improvements for Mac models with Apple M1 chipset, may be the weakest link of the night.

watchOS 8 and tvOS 15

It’s time for a change for the watchOS operating system designed for Apple Watch. With the watchOS 8 update, it is said that the iPhone and Apple Watch can work independently. In other words, you will be able to do your daily work with just your watch without being connected to the iPhone. In addition, new dials, new animations and new integrated applications are expected to come with watchOS 8.

We think that there will be a radical change with the tvOS 15 update, which will be developed for Apple TV. We have great expectations from tvOS 15, which will enable efficient use of all the features of the new Apple TV 4K model.

AirPods 3

Apple hadn’t refreshed its main AirPods model for a long time. We expect the company from Cupertino to come out with AirPods 3 tonight. AirPods 3, which we expect to have a similar structure to AirPods Pro in terms of design, will probably be almost at the same level as its predecessor in terms of price.

MacBook Pro 16 inch

Switching to ARM with the Apple M1; It powered the MacBook 13 and 15-inch, MacBook Air and iMac models with this chipset. However, the MacBook Pro 16-inch model was skipped. The technology giant is expected to introduce the MacBook Pro 16-inch model at this event. It should be noted that it is among the rumors that the Apple M1X will take place in this model.


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