The news of “Xiaomi Banned”, which was on the agenda like a bomb yesterday, suddenly came to the top of the agenda. Donald Trump’s hostility to China, who is not even wanted by his own party in America, gave rise to this agenda. Because Xiaomi has become the third largest producer in the world, and after Honor & Huawei separation, the prediction that Xiaomi will surpass Samsung by the end of 2021 and become the largest manufacturer caused Trump to do such a thing. After the news and video we made yesterday, many people What Will Happen to Xiaomi Phones? He asked us his question. We wanted to be an answer to these.



Many of our viewers and readers made a very nice analogy about these

experiences. We were also excited about the comments that Trump pressed all the keys in his last days. Will Xiaomi, which is in everyone’s minds, have problems with Google, just like Huawei? It seems that even America will not be able to prevent this love of Xiaomi users who say “We will throw our ROM, we will enjoy it”.

We have prepared a video to answer the questions that come to us. First of all, it is worth noting that. Biden and Trump are the presidents of the two opposing parties. However, we know that Biden had much more constructive statements on this issue before the election. If you ask us, all this is just a scenario. Because after the announcements made yesterday, we saw that the stock market value of Xiaomi decreased by around 10%. Everything will go back to the old after Trump leaves.


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