Samsung News: Among the giants of the smartphone world, Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO and Vivo will intensify the competition with foldable phone models.


As new phone models continue to join the smartphone market, competition is heating up. Undoubtedly, foldable phones were the most curious this year. Many smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, OPPO, Xiaomi and Apple are currently working on foldable smartphones. Although Samsung and Xiaomi foldable phones will take their place on the shelves this year, it seems that Apple will not release the foldable iPhone model this year. Foldable phones are also among the factors that will significantly increase the competition. Soon, competition will become even more intense than before.

In addition to Samsung, some Chinese technology giants will introduce foldable phone models in the third quarter of 2021. We have mentioned many times in our previous news that Xiaomi is among these companies. A new one was included among those companies.

OPPO Foldable Phone to Be Released in the Third Quarter of 2021

According to the information received today, besides Samsung and Xiaomi, another Chinese giant will introduce the foldable phone model in the third quarter. The company, which is the fourth largest phone manufacturer in the smartphone market recently, will introduce the foldable phone model in the third quarter. Foldable phones, which will intensify the competition in the smartphone market, will take their place on the shelves with different features and designs.


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