Continuing to work for the Galaxy Note 20 series, Samsung plans to switch to the One UI 2.5 interface with its new devices. The One UI interface was highly appreciated by users. The interface, which has received many enhancements so far, provides a smooth experience. The new version will be available with the Galaxy Fold 2 and Note 20 series. The One UI 2.5 update will be available for the S20 and Note 10 series later.

The update name is planned to be One UI 2.5, but there are no final cases. The version name may vary until promotion.

Features expected to come with the One UI 2.5 update
One of the features expected to come with the One UI 2.5 update is a better camera app. The camera software that comes with One UI 2.1 has been welcomed by users. With the new version, however, user preferences are expected to be remembered when switching between the front and rear cameras. So users won’t have to constantly switch between wide angle and normal camera. Also, when the user selects the Pro camera mode, it is expected that the ability to switch between lenses will come according to the situation.

With the new update, the face recognition system is expected to be improved. Considering the situation in the world, a face recognition system can come to recognize users even when wearing a mask. Although it is not a very useful system in the long run, it will work quite well until the virus is circumvented around the world. Improvements are also expected in the alarm application. If you wake up early and set the phone in your hand, the phone is expected to detect it and automatically turn off the alarm.

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What's new with One UI 2.5 update

With the One UI 2.5 update, wallpaper brightness is expected to be adjusted. While the night mode is quite functional, adjusting the wallpaper brightness would be advantageous in some cases. Also, less ready apps are expected to come with the One UI 2.5. After the TouchWiz interface, major improvements were made to the ready-made applications that came with the system. However, there are still some unnecessary applications.


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