You know, the problem of WhatsApp User Agreement. Although there is a different voice from each head on this subject, we have something to say about it and we will share a video with you in a short time. You can pretend that WhatsApp, Instagram, or any other social network wasn’t listening to us before signing this contract, but it’s not like that. We see that many people have deleted the WhatsApp application from their phones and we think that this is nothing more than “burning dollars for the dollar to fall, getting angry with the Netherlands and throwing the orange”. So, if we want to try WhatsApp alternative messaging applications in this process, which ones can we use?



At this point, there are many alternatives, but let the American not trust WhatsApp and rely on Russian Telegram while running away from the rain. Here are a few alternatives. We think that if we say the most reliable to prefer Turkish messaging services, we will not make a wrong statement. We would like to share an image with you. We have not yet approved this contract, and in a WhatsApp video call we held today, we talked about virtual money and bitcoin. When we entered Instagram shortly after the conversation, we saw the ad below. So whether you approve or not. Your everything is shared with everyone …

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So which one is your choice?

  • Telegram (Russian Company)
  • Hangouts (Google America)
  • Signal (America)
  • Skype America
  • Discord (America)
  • WeChat (China)
  • Snapchat (America)


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