In cooperation with the World Health Organization, WhatsApp presented the sticker package “Together at Home Together” to the attention of users. The stickers are published in 9 languages.

Today, WhatsApp, which has come to the fore with news that it will enable video calls to 8 people, has announced that it has published new stickers in cooperation with the World Health Organization. The sticker “Together At Home” was prepared to support people fighting the Covid-19 outbreak.

The sticker pack covers daily routines of users from all over the world during the epidemic. Among the stickers, the characters who do sports at home, do not get out of bed with their computer, make video calls, wash their hands with soap and greet through the window draw attention. In addition, the hearts, the slogan “We Will Succeed Together” and the question “Are you okay?” The question has found itself among the stickers.

The stickers developed for the contributions of the World Health Organization have been translated into 9 languages ​​including Turkish, Arabic, French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Indonesian and Spanish.

Meanwhile, the sticker pack is not the first partnership of WhatsApp and WHO. Let us remind you that WhatsApp has previously released an information service in partnership with WHO. The service is currently preferred by more than 10 million users.

In addition to this new sticker pack, WhatsApp has announced that it will release a new sticker pack based on the popular Japanese character Rilakkuma. At a time when people rely on communication tools, the company tries to make it fun for people to express themselves with sticker packs.

It is possible to say that the practice continues to renew itself during the epidemic. The company, which has recently restricted the ability to deliver messages to reduce disinformation, has also announced that it is working on a feature that allows people to check the accuracy of the messages they receive.

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