WhatsApp, which comes out with new features every day, continues to work on the security side at full speed. It was revealed that the company, which gives importance to the data privacy of its users, is now working on backup privacy. In the latest WhatsApp Beta version, it has been announced that backups will also be encrypted. Here are the details about setting WhatsApp backups password!

WhatsApp backups will be hidden with a password
You can already protect WhatsApp with a password. However, it was not possible to protect chat backups in this way. According to the feature seen in WhatsApp Beta test for Android, these backups in WhatsApp application running on Google Drive basis will also be encrypted. Thus, the chances of other users accessing your chat will be greatly reduced.

The feature is thought to be quite simple to use. The resulting images also appear to be able to activate this feature from the WhatsApp menu.

For now, this feature will only be available on WhatsApp, which is based on Google Drive, that is, on Android phones. It is among the expectations that the company will offer this feature to all users after a short test. However, it is among the expectations to see this feature in the iOS version.


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