WhatsApp, which comes to mind when it comes to messaging, pressed the button on backup. WhatsApp backups will soon be encrypted and more secure.


WhatsApp, which is under the umbrella of Facebook and raises concerns about privacy, uses end-to-end encryption of chats. This system means that it is practically impossible for outsiders to access information from correspondence. However, backups of chats that users store in the cloud are not encrypted. Now he pressed the button for WhatsApp backups. The latest beta version released for Android has started offering the option to encrypt backups of chats in the cloud.

WhatsApp backups are encrypted

The innovation will allow a reliable backup of the chat history and the media files used in them. However, the service warns that if the user forgets his password, he will permanently lose access to the backup and WhatsApp will not be able to help restore access in any way. Users who want to use this feature will only need to download the beta version of WhatsApp. However, don’t try to encrypt your backups now, as it is not yet known when this innovation will finally be available. Otherwise, you may lose all your backups.

In addition, WhatsApp has begun testing a version of the software that works on multiple devices simultaneously and supports end-to-end encryption regardless of whether the user’s smartphone is involved. WhatsApp, which rolled up its sleeves to close its vulnerabilities in line with the criticism it received on security, will apparently be inspired by its rival Signal.

It is predicted that towards the end of the summer, WhatsApp will present all the innovations that it has already tested to both iOS and Android owners. Let’s see if other innovations will be with us in this process.


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