WhatApp broke a search record on the last day of 2020. The number of calls made via WhatsApp on New Year’s Eve broke a record.

With a statement, WhatsApp announced that the number of calls made through the application on the last day of 2020 is the highest value in WhatsApp records. People who want to spend the New Year’s day with their loved ones broke a new record with the calls they made on WhatsApp.

Covid-19, which covers the year 2020, did not make people comfortable at the New Year. Due to the measures taken in many countries, people staying at home on New Year’s Day used social media platforms and communication applications to meet with their loved ones.

1.4 billion searches a day!

Of course, Facebook, which holds the market, did not hesitate to share the figures it obtained on New Year’s Day with users. Especially the calls made via WhatsApp increased 2 times compared to previous years. Users meeting with their loved ones on New Year’s Eve recorded a total of 1.4 billion video and audio chats on WhatsApp that day.

Explaining that it had 2 times more meetings than the previous year, WhatsApp is aware that this year’s success is caused by the Coronavirus. This success is not limited to WhatsApp. Many platforms within Facebook stand out with the values ​​they have achieved in different fields.

For example, Facebook Live and Instagram Live reached a total of 55 million live broadcasts worldwide on the same day. Facebook Messenger almost doubled the number of calls per day. On the other hand, although Facebook has stated that there are no problems in applications despite such numbers for now, it has announced that they need to further develop their infrastructure for various pandemic-style situations. In fact, such a work was done before New Year’s Eve.

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It seems that now social media platforms and communication applications are spreading faster than all known systems and are used more. On the other hand, the human density brought about by the pandemic is gathering on social media platforms. This record of WhatsApp emphasizes the importance of conversations on the internet in critical situations. Let’s see what more improvements the video chat technology will get in the coming years.

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