WhatsApp, which hosts millions of users, cannot be stopped. Another new feature has been announced and the countdown has begun.


With its privacy policy, WhatsApp, which lost millions of users, is preparing to be born from the ashes. The company, which has users from all over the world, has recently been the subject of our news with various update developments. The application, which received special stickers for mother’s day, then offered its users a series of stickers that they can use on chat screens. The popular application, which is used for free today, faced the government of India yesterday. The government of India has stated that it can impose sanctions on the application and has voiced to reverse.

The application, which threatens to delete the accounts of users who do not accept the privacy policy, has come up with a new feature today. With the new feature, users will be able to transfer their chat to a different number.

WhatsApp Will Offer Conversations Handling Feature

The application, which wants to appeal to millions of users, will now give the opportunity to transfer chats to a different phone number. According to the current developments we have acquired today, users will be able to transfer their chats to different phones and switch chat content on different numbers. Other details that have emerged have also become clear that the app will allow instantly transferring the chats to a different number without the need to back up the chats. In this situation, a special expression was used for users who think that the chats are not deleted. If users change their phone number, they will stay safe with end-to-end encryption. So the messages will not be stored anywhere.


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