The Competition Authority announced its decision on WhatsApp. It has been decided to temporarily stop the conditions for using user data on WhatsApp for other services.

WhatsApp, which changed its terms of use at the beginning of January, announced that it had decided to share some messaging data with Facebook. It announced that users who did not accept this change would not be able to use WhatsApp, but this decision would not be implemented in the countries of the European Union. Following this decision, the despicable Worldwide Competition Authority launched an investigation in Turkey. The investigation decision has been made.

The Competition Authority has published the interim measure decision of the investigation launched on January 11th. The Competition Authority decided to stop the conditions for the use of user data on WhatsApp for other services. The data of users who have accepted the new contract will not be shared with Facebook and other companies. This decision will apply to all WhatsApp users in Turkey.

In the statement of the Competition Authority, “According to the prepared report and the scope of the file examined, in accordance with the fourth paragraph of Article 9 of the Law No. 4054; Facebook’s Turkey, WhatsApp users of the data for February 8, 2021 conditions to stop brought for the use for other services from the date and taking these circumstances accept or to inform comprising accepting all users on Facebook to share data temporarily in the form of a report by the date referred to that stop the new conditions it was unanimously decided to take measures, within 60 days from the notification of the reasoned decision, in Ankara Administrative Courts. statements were included.

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WhatsApp has postponed the new contract, which it plans to launch on February 8, 2021, until May 15. WhatsApp announced that it has decided to delay the contract in order to clear the confusion and explain the contract better. WhatsApp, the decision can not be shared even if he wanted to continue sharing data with the data of users in Turkey with Facebook or any other company.


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