WhatsApp feature, which is exclusive to iPhone, is coming to Android platform very soon. Android users will love this feature.


Interestingly, Facebook brings its new features to the iPhone first, and then offers these features to Android. Now, the WhatsApp feature, which is exclusive to iPhone, is getting ready to be offered to Android users very soon. This new feature, which appeared in the Beta version of WhatsApp, will be liked by Android phone users.

For a long time, you could share sticker packs with your contacts on WhatsApp for iPhone. Unfortunately, this feature was not available on Android phones. Android users could receive sticker packs sent from iPhone, but could not share them with other people. Now this feature will be available to all Android users.

We think that this feature, which is currently in Beta, will be available to everyone with the update that will be published on the Play Store in July. If you want to use this feature already, download WhatsApp Beta version APK. You can download the file from here and install it on your phone.

Since this version is Beta, you may experience some problems. APK. Before installing the file, it is useful to backup your conversations on WhatsApp. Because when you want to return to the main version, you will have to delete the application and download it from the Play Store from the beginning.

WhatsApp, which has been criticized for a long time for its new privacy policy, has taken a step back and announced that it will not impose restrictions on those who do not accept the policy. After this announcement, the messaging giant, which has launched its new features one after the other, seems to continue at full speed in order not to lose its portfolio to its competitors Signal and Telegram.


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