The ICQ application owned by the Russian DST company is encountering up to 35-fold increase in download figures in Hong Kong stores at the focus of WhatsApp discussions.

With no personal data security fights yet and viral disinformation was unknown, the ICQ platform became a tool that brought the dial-up world together. Today it is rising again.

Is ICQ still available?
ICQ, the indispensable chat tool of desktop systems in the 1990s, provided communication for a generation. ICQ, which was in use prior to AOL Instant Messenger, had increased its reputation by appearing on the TV series Friends for a while.

The application, which became silent afterwards, still continued to be developed. It has achieved innovations such as text-based and video calls, the ability to create groups of up to 150 people, and announcement channels to cope with its rivals.

Fights that started with the WhatsApp privacy agreement in recent weeks have also increased the use of ICQ. It was stated that the download figures of the ICQ application in Hong Kong application stores increased 35 times.

The ICQ application, which has more than 100 million users according to estimated figures, has been in the hands of the Russian DST company since 2010. DST paid $ 187 million for the implementation. Ongoing discussions will likely further increase the use of ICQ.


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