WhatsApp News: The popular messaging application continues its innovations at full speed. Now WhatsApp for Android has a feature that you will love very much.



Popular messaging application WhatsApp, which continues its innovations at full speed, has finally started to offer the ‘view once’ feature for Android users in its beta version. With this feature enabled, the recipient will only be able to open your photos and videos once before they disappear from the chat. The fact that this feature will be available to everyone soon was confirmed by the Facebook CEO in an interview earlier this month. For now, this feature is available in WhatsApp for Android. iPhone owners will have to wait a bit.

WhatsApp for Android got the expected feature

If you are using the latest beta of WhatsApp for Android, you will see a small circle at the end of the title bar when sending a photo or video to a contact or a group. When enabled, it will be sent as a notification to the other party that the option is enabled. After the buyer clicks on the content, the content will disappear and will only appear as opened.

WhatsApp says this feature is useful for those who need more privacy. However, it also warns that the recipient may take a screenshot or video footage before it disappears.

The new WhatsApp feature is only available in the beta version of WhatsApp. Those who use the beta version can send one-view photos and videos even to those who use the final version. If you want to try this feature before anyone else, you can download and install the latest Beta version of WhatsApp from here. But don’t forget to take a backup before installing the APK. Because to return to the final version, you have to delete the application and reinstall it.

Finally, it should be noted that WhatsApp will offer the feature of working on multiple devices in the summer to both Android and iPhone owners.


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