WhatsApp, which lost millions of users around the world with its privacy policy, is now in vain. While users in our country are rapidly shifting to applications such as BIP and Telegram, they are trying to keep their users by getting new updates on WhatsApp. Of course, on the other hand, it is looking for ways to regain lost users.



WhatsApp, which has come a long way and has grown since the day it was acquired by Facebook, would undoubtedly be the most used messaging application in this field, had it not changed its privacy policy. While the Facebook trials continue at full speed, millions of users have declared war on both the messaging application and Facebook itself for security reasons.

Let’s come to the new feature of the messaging application. If you are using WhatsApp and registered to the beta program, you can now use the new feature. The new update, announced as version 2.2 of the application, will also introduce a new feature.

The update, which will prevent the video from opening when starting to edit the video before sharing the video in the users’ stories, will reveal the option to mute the videos. With this feature, users will be able to share videos silently.

While it is unknown when the specified feature will be released as a stable version, it is stated that it is still in the testing phase and continues to be developed. The specified update will first be offered to users on the Android platform.


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