The messaging app continues its deployment tests and in Brazil it can already be used for small transfers and payments in stores.

Paying with your mobile is something that everyone can do today. The most convenient thing is to activate the NFC function of your device, if it has one, and pass the terminal through the dataphone. Then, the banks agree to carry out a transaction that you would otherwise do with the card. But it is a fact that technology companies have entered this field of financial services and we can already see new tests of WhatsApp proving the sending of money.

Brazil, the new WhatsApp testing ground

Companies that operate with Internet services need to test their news with users who will have them available in the future. Sometimes only a few regions are chosen to test these improvements and if everything goes well, we proceed to a larger group or directly to their distribution. In the case of paid services, much more is needed than field tests, but it is not convenient to start them as soon as possible. Facebook is more and more present in this world and it will be more and more with WhatsApp Pay.

This is still a feature that is under development, but it is a fact that making payments through WhatsApp will be a reality. In the latest tests, the firm has taken Brazil, where it has deployed small payments between users. This can be seen in the video that Facebook has published today on the YouTube channel of the application.

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As the multimedia content says, the function is launched from the function of attached files. From here, a part called “payments” is displayed where you will have to put the amount that is transferred to the person. Of course, you will need to have a debit or credit card to associate the payment and enter the PIN. But this security code is not the digits that you put each time you make a payment, it is the Facebook Pay password that you will have to configure if you have not already done so.

India, Brazil … for when in the rest of the world?

The other feature of this function is that it is compatible with WhatsApp Business. This means that users will be able to pay small amounts in SMEs in case they do not have money on them to do so through their mobile, something to keep in mind. At the moment, the payment function that is being carried out in Brazil and India, but it is a matter of time before it reaches the rest of the world. At the time we already told you that it would arrive in 2020 so there are still six months ahead to check it.


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