WhatsApp, which has no problems in 2021, is on the target of the arrows with the spread of a malicious software called Malware.

While WhatsApp was struggling to fix the user loss caused by the changing privacy agreement, it faced a new problem. In the application, a malware has emerged that reaches a wide range of users through messages. WhatsApp may need to make an intense effort to get rid of this virus, which is known as Malware and whose purpose is to access personal data.

The company did not stop working for a moment to resolve the events that had happened to it. The chain of events that started with the updated confidentiality agreement and sharing personal data with Facebook seems to continue with a very difficult process this time. This virus, which is based on deceiving the user with a different method, can infect Android smartphones and access important data.

What Happened With The Fake Huawei App
According to the tweet shared by mobile security researcher Lukas Stefanko, the malware reaches phones via a WhatsApp message with a link to the fake Huawei mobile app. Clicking on the link opens a fake website created by cloning Google Play. From here, the fake Huawei application is downloaded. As you can see from the images, this skillfully crafted website has been likened to the Google Play Store. The progressive stages become much more dangerous with the attack method, which is obviously targeting users who do not have enough information on such issues.

After the application with Malware is installed, it begins to interact with the device. The fake Huawei application, which first requests permission to access notifications, uses the WhatsApp fast response feature from the notification tab to send the download link of the application to all users in the directory and complete the dissemination process. It then asks for storage, background access and various other permissions to literally infiltrate the user’s smartphone. If the user also gives these permissions, we can say that all the directories of the Android operating system are infected. After this stage, all messages, identity information, bank information and other important data can be easily accessed.

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Although it is desired to stop this application, which is estimated to be the main source of transmission, WhatsApp is very difficult. Because the first time it infects Android smartphones, it uses WhatsApp again to spread itself. While many security experts continue to work on the subject, WhatsApp has not yet made a clear statement.


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