WhatsApp, which has millions of users, announced that it will not cut off the access of users who do not accept its policy. What’s going on?


WhatsApp, which has come to the fore with different scandalous news, does not stop again. The popular application, which has made a name for itself with its scandalous privacy policy, does not fall off the agenda with its statements. With its controversial privacy policy, the application, which lost millions of users both in our country and around the world, to Telegram and Signal, made a new statement. According to the information we received today, the popular application announced that it will not restrict access to users who do not accept its privacy policy.

The popular application, which stopped limiting users with its new decision, is getting ready to get better with the updates it will receive. Today, there have been new developments that the application does not limit users.

WhatsApp Won’t Limit Those Who Don’t Accept Its Privacy Policy

The popular application, which we announced that the new privacy policy will not be published in our country, caught our radar with new news. The application, which threatens to delete the accounts of users who did not accept the agreement before, continues to reverse gear upon reverse. The application, which continues to gain new features with the updates it has received, has started to do its best to gain millions of users it has lost. Let’s see what kind of process awaits us, it will be clear soon.


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